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Provided you can manage to make your way inside the doors of the relevant establishments, you'll find dozens of hours of entertainment crammed into its two gigabytes of precious mobile device storage space that let you experience everything from working out at the gym or grabbing burgers in a fictionalized take on Las Vegas. It even supports features like cloud saves.


That's a steal that even Carl Johnson can appreciate. Rockstar has gone to great lengths to ensure that GTA: San Andreas supports updated textures, draw distances, and lighting that live up to the potential of Retina displays, but many elements such as character models and mission structures can't help but show their age. Still, this mobile port's every bit as fun as playing the original if you have the gamepad to support it, but the touchscreen control, while competent are not the best way to play.

At seven bucks for some of the most memorable gaming content of the last decade, though, it's probably a risk worth taking. Review by Leif Johnson. Sweet's Girl Mission Gameplay. More From Grand Theft Auto: London More From Grand Theft Auto.

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Rockstar Games. Applications developed for iOS must be approved by Apple, and released via the 'App Store'; An online store which can be accessed via an application on the device or through Apple's iTunes software. Also, not all modifications are supported.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas iPad/iPhone Gameplay

The game features the same missions available for the PSP version. One difference is the lack of the Rockstar Games Social Club - the bonus Xin missions, which were previously only available after completing the main story line, locating the two Lions of Fo and syncing the device to Social Club, are now available without the use of Social Club.

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A new radio station allows players to use a custom radio tracklist from their iTunes library. This version features the enhanced graphics of the PSP version released after the DS iteration, but re-introduces the touch screen functionality of the DS, replacing the quicktime events supplemented in the PSP port.

On September 9th, , a version of game with enhanced graphics dubbed Chinatown Wars HD was released for use on the iPad. The only iOS devices that support the game are those with with the A4 or newer processor.

GTA: San Andreas and The Room Two Now Out on iOS

These include the iPhone 4 and later, iPod Touch fourth generation and later, and all versions of the iPad. This app also allows players to teach Chop new tricks. The mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: If your real-life criminal career is not working out and you're a bit skint, there are a couple of free-to-play apps that can give you the degenerate fix you crave. Urban Crime Free, Universal is a 'freemium' game from Gameloft that you can begin to explore free of charge, but that requires In-App Purchases if you wish to access all the features.

Unfortunately, this particular title is pretty much Gameloft's previous title, Miami Vindication, with the exact same city and graphical assets therein, but with the single-player story missions stripped out. There's a different play mechanic, insofar as this is about gaining experience and taking over gang turf, but it's poorly executed and a fairly lazy attempt to repurpose the developer's own game.

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  • On the more casual side there's Crime City Free, Universal. This is a cute and cartoony game with isometric visuals in which you simply visit various city locations committing crimes, garnering resources and building up your crime empire. Disposable fun.

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    • Sticking with the underworld, but with a slight departure from the sandbox genre, a couple of games focus on the vehicular side of things. The control system is a handful, but it's good fun nevertheless.

      GTA: San Andreas and The Room Two Now Out on iOS - IGN

      This iOS port is deftly handled and despite the game showing its age slightly, it's rip-roaring fun. It's more like the game Max Payne than GTA, with the cop protagonist blindly leaping into life-threatening situations while the slo-mo set pieces allow you to relish every moment of the violent, if rather silly, action. It's far from perfect, but diverting enough.

      And finally… all this seediness, violence and generally uncouth behaviour has probably left a slightly bitter taste in your mouth, so why not clean the palette with a couple of sandbox games that deliver a similar style of gameplay, but in guilt-free fantasy settings.