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  1. Windows® Phone 7 Programming for Android™ and iOS Developers
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If not, you might benefit from reading my free online book. NET Book Zero: NET Framework , available from my website at www. Get the latest information and downloads at http: You can install these tools on top of Visual Studio , in effect enhancing Visual Studio for phone development. You can register as a phone developer at http: For the record, the final build I installed was 7.

Windows® Phone 7 Programming for Android™ and iOS Developers

Windows Phone 7 supports multi-touch, and working with multi-touch is an important part of developing programs for the phone. When using the Windows Phone Emulator, mouse clicks and mouse movement on the PC can mimic touch on the emulator, but for only one finger. You can test out multi-touch for real on the phone emulator if you have a multi-touch monitor running under Windows 7. In the absence of a multi-touch monitor, you might want to explore simulating multi-touch with multiple mouse devices.

The site http: Windows Phone 7 devices also have a built-in accelerometer, which can be very difficult to simulate in an emulator. Per Blomqvist, the Technical Reviewer for this book, found an application at http: To illustrate Silverlight and XNA programming concepts, this book describes about complete programs. Many of them are small and simple, but others are larger and more interesting. Some people like to learn new programming environments by re-creating the projects in Visual Studio and typing in the source code themselves from the pages of the book.

Others prefer to study the code and run the pre-existing programs to see what the code does. If you fall into the latter category, you can download all the source code in a ZIP file. The location of this ZIP file is available from my website at www. If you find something in the code that is useful in your own software project, feel free to use the code without restriction—either straight up or modified in whatever way you want. As I was nearing the completion this book, the first version of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit was released with some additional elements and controls, and is available for downloading at http: Historically, these Silverlight toolkits very often contain previews of elements and controls that are incorporated into later Silverlight releases.

I regret that I could not include a discussion of the toolkit contents in the appropriate chapters of this book. The www. I also hope to blog about Windows Phone 7 programming as much as possible. This book owes its existence to Dave Edson—an old friend from the early s era of Microsoft Systems Journal —who had the brilliant idea that I would be the perfect person to write a tutorial on Windows Phone 7.

Dave arranged for me to attend a technical deep dive on the phone at Microsoft in December , and I was hooked. Todd Brix gave the thumbs up on the book, and Anand Iyer coordinated the project with Microsoft Press. At Microsoft Press, Ben Ryan launched the project and Devon Musgrave had the unenviable job of trying to make my code and prose resemble an actual book. We all go way back: My Technical Reviewer was the diligent Per Blomqvist, who apparently tested all the code in both the sample files and as the listings appear in the book, and who in the process caught several errors on my part that were truly, well, shocking.

Dave Edson also reviewed some chapters and served as conduit to the Windows Phone team to deal with my technical problems and questions. Thanks to Bonnie Lehenbauer for reviewing a chapter. My wife Deirdre Sinnott has been a marvel of patience and tolerance over the past months as she dealt with an author given to sudden mood swings, insane yelling at the computer screen, and the conviction that the difficulty of writing a book relieves one of the responsibility of performing basic household chores.

Those are all mine. This looks nice. I hope this doesn't seem inconsiderate, but is there also a.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

PDF format books are great for the computer but not all ebook readers. Hi, Ben. This is the format for free stuff at the moment. We're analyzing costs of other formats in these no-revenue cases, but we can only do so much when we're giving it away. But thanks much for the question; we always appreciate hearing from readers, sincerely. Guys — you can use something like Calibre http: It's not always perfect, but is almost always better than trying to read a PDF. The name Petzold inspires confidence.

I grew up as a Windows developer using his book on Windows 3. My well-thumbed copy still occupies a place on my bookshelf for reasons of nostalgia where other volumnes have been consigned to the loft or even recycled. You should be able to easily convert it using calibre if you are so inclined. Personally I prefer epub over mobi. I'm a huge Petzold fan and this is a Godsend. You guys really did the right thing be releasing this for free, and I'm sure it'll have the same impact for WP7 as his earlier books did for Windows.

Here come the developers…. Hi Charles, I want to thank you and microsoft for this community effort. However, it would be really nice to be able to buy a printed copy from amazon. For people like me that can't read from e-books, a printed copy is a must.

If we have a free version of the e-book, it would probably be a cheap printed copy. It should be able to be ordered in December. Reread the post. Thanks for this great book. I already read your previews. But I have a big problem with the final version: Most of the bigger images do not show up on my Kindle! Please please fix this. It worked fine in the previews. Already ordered the printed version. But I would also buy a mobi or epub version, so please consider it.

Very strange. Won't display on iPad using iBooks or Goodreader app.

Table of contents

Is this intentional I wonder? The book looks great and I want to read it on the way home. Unfortunately, it can't be viewed on my Nexus One. Plz check…. For some reason this PDF isn't rendering properly on my iPad. It renders fine on my pc. Could someone look into this please? For whatever reason, I am unable to view the PDF on any machine. The text except for code samples appears as blurry lines very unreadable. Is anyone experiencing the same issue? Although Preview on the Mac doesn't render the book's text properly, Adobe Reader free download for Mac displays the book just fine.

Thank you very much guys for providing this book for free. My word here that I will buy a paper copy when it is out. The book does not contains text except for code examples everything is black images with image mask shaped as text on top. Hey everybody, see our blog post from earlier today for an update on presentation issues some of you are experiencing: Thank you Charles!

Thank you very much!

Free ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles Petzold – Microsoft Press blog

Has anyone else had this problem? Hopefully it's not too buggered up by skipping these 7 files. Windows limits a single path to characters. Thank you so much Sir. We were only talking about mobilde development yesterday and then bing… the book is here…. Wow, Charle's books are always top notch. Love it he has one for Windows Phone 7. Seems like only yesterday I was programming "Hello World" many versions of Windows back! If you were to o by my bookshelf, Petzold would be my favorite author.

I have dome more work with his help and examples than almost anything else in my 25 year software engineering carreer. Thanks for making a way for a newby to start from scratch. I have a few ideas and all I need is one good one. Thanks for being a part of me acquiring the ability to transform my thought into reality. My dreams come true. Thank You Very Much. Good efforts , thank you.. What a brilliant artwork. I don't know C yet, but suddenly I found you have already prepaired a preliminary textbook for me as well.

Link sent me here, but am I blind or are they hiding the download book link? You are getting better with age. What is the secret? I have not read this book completely yet. Looking at the contents, I was just wondering about database and web service related topics. Any serious application has to incorporate both of these aspects. Please plan on adding some content around those topics. For some reason — the source code does not download properly.

I believe that the download is supposed to be about 5. Can you please fix and reupload? You can be confident in your purchase as each item comes with a no hassle 30 day return privilege. Thank you for this generous gift. It's awesome! The best book on windows phone development so far. Especially the tiny examples, easy enough for a beginner to understand while containing many essential elements tricks, experiences of a real project.

The blog provides helpful information regarding the topic and it also gives a vast knowledge as well which helps us in our studies and in practical life. Thank you Charles, I've read your books since Windows Programming 2nd Edition and couldn't have succeeded without them. Charles i,ve been a fan of your writing ever since i read "programming windows with c ", this book is truly a remarkable gem, Thank you very much for authoring it….

Great work! Now a question: See this post: I can't find where to post errata for the XNA version, so here it goes. Page of the print edition, the variable tLap should be incremented, not assigned:.

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Hi, i needed a help ; i am developing an App in which i have a requirement like; i have to store Images to such a folder which is Accessible to all other Apps…Is it possible to store Images in a location which we can retrieve back from other Application. If possible can you please provide the snippets…. You can fix it with additional softwares like Long Path Tool.

Long Path Tool can simplify and probably end your problems in unlocking, managing and renaming files that appear to have a long filename.

Thanks for providing this book. I see it very useful! If anyone want to download. NET framework ebook, please visit us follow link: It's , Windows Phone 8 is on the market for a while and this book is still relevant. If anyone here is thinking if it's worth their time — do not hesitate and give it a read. Most of the principles are transferrable to Win Ph.

Nice Blog,Keep on update with such kind of blogs like game development,game development with unity,Mobile Game development. Introduction This book is a gift from the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft to the programming community, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Organization This book is divided into three parts. My Assumptions About You I assume that you know the basic principles of.

Pro Windows Phone 7 Development

Using the Phone Emulator Windows Phone 7 supports multi-touch, and working with multi-touch is an important part of developing programs for the phone. Last-Minute Items As I was nearing the completion this book, the first version of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit was released with some additional elements and controls, and is available for downloading at http: The Essential People This book owes its existence to Dave Edson—an old friend from the early s era of Microsoft Systems Journal —who had the brilliant idea that I would be the perfect person to write a tutorial on Windows Phone 7.

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Front Matter Pages i-xvi. Introduction to Windows Phone 7 and Marketplace. Pages Silverlight User Interface Development. Handling Input on Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 Programming Model. Windows Phone 7 Advanced Programming Model. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction The Windows Phone 7 platform provides a remarkable opportunity for Windows developers to create state-of-the-art mobile applications using their existing skills and a familiar toolset.