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  1. The Room Two ($4.99)
  2. 25 most popular iPad apps of all time
  3. Best iPad Apps - Fun, Useful, Must Have Apps for Your Tablet
  4. Air Video HD ($2.99)

Calculator Pro for iPad Free. A powerful, free calculator. Temple Run. The original version of the endless runner. The popular video viewing site. Shopping and bidding from your lap. CNN App for iPad. Headlines and videos from the world news leader. Allows users to access files stored on the cloud. Adobe Reader.

How To Find 32-Bit Apps On Your iPhone

An app for viewing and editing PDF documents. The popular social messaging app. The classic card game with touch. New York Times for iPad.

The Room Two ($4.99)

Temple Run 2. Players guide an adventurer in this so-called endless runner game. Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus allows subscribers to watch television shows over the Web. Draw Something Free. A popular social drawing and guessing game. Some iPhone versions shown.

25 most popular iPad apps of all time

Evernote has been visually refreshed to match the iOS 7 redesign, and the new business card capture function allows you to store new contact information with a single snap of your iPad's camera. With added features such as Quicknote, LinkedIn integration, AirPlay support and instant reminders, it's never been this easy to stay on top of your work. Top 15 Productivity Apps. This includes much-loved features such as detailed revision tracking and collaborative editing.

For iPad owners who love their Windows computers, the Microsoft Word application is a welcome addition to their tablets.

Best iPad Apps - Fun, Useful, Must Have Apps for Your Tablet

The iPad version of YouTube is one of the best ways to enjoy the world's biggest streaming video platform, whether you need a quick laugh or want to learn how to cook a new dish. This app has a sleekly refreshed interface for iOS 7, and takes advantage of the iPad's generous display size by allowing you to scroll through videos on the right side of the screen while watching something on the left.

Mint automatically categorizes your transactions so you can see exactly where your money is going. Your account is protected by a 4-digit PIN, and all activity syncs with your Mint. The app also makes it easy for you to create transactions by automatically filling in merchant data based on your location. Paper is an elegant and simple drawing application that can help release your inner artist. More than million people log on to Skype monthly to chat with friends, and the iPad app is one of the best ways to join the conversation.

Skype allows for unlimited HD video calls from iPad 4 and higher, and you can send your loved ones a video message when they don't have time to talk. Need to make a call or send a text in a pinch? You can do so on Skype for a small cost.

Air Video HD ($2.99)

All versions of Skype are compatible with one another, so you can use your iPad to catch up with friends on a PC, Mac, smartphone or even an Xbox One. You don't need an Amazon Kindle device to peruse the retailer's massive e-book library, and the iOS 7 version of the iPad Kindle app makes it easier than ever to enjoy and organize your favorite reads. The app's visual redesign reflects the flatter aesthetic of Apple's new OS, and the newly added ability to turn key portions of textbooks into flash cards is a dream come true for students.

Whether you live for science fiction or ancient history, the free Kindle app is a must-have for any type of reader. Rather than creating your own bookmark organization system for all these articles, just save it to Pocket. The app not only saves the articles you want to read for offline viewing, but displays the content in a beautifully minimalistic format, removing superfluous website content. Browsing through your saved articles is like browsing through a well-designed magazine, with each headline paired with a picture taken from the article. Whether you're an old-school movie buff or a TV addict that likes to consume full seasons over a weekend, Netflix deserves a place on your iPad.

Just don't blame us when you start losing sleep from your nightly "Breaking Bad" marathons. Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead" will put that to the test and then some, as Season 2 of the hit episodic game launches on a darker note than ever. While plenty of iPad games let you mow down hordes of zombies, "The Walking Dead" is more of an interactive drama that focuses on the human element of survival.

This sequel retains the unique cel-shaded visuals and grueling decision-making of its predecessor, and its point-and-click gameplay is perfectly complemented by the iPad's touch screen. What we truly love about the app is the specialized content HBO has created to accompany its TV selections. Best Aereo Alternatives.

The free touch-optimized photo editing app lets you adjust images with a single tap, tweak individual objects and experiment with filters. For instance, users can select an adjustment or filter from the left side of the app and simply tap the image they wish to edit. From here, Snapseed pulls up a scrollable list of options such as Brightness, Ambience and Contras, among others.

There are plenty of ways to record audio, create images and take written notes on an iPad, but Ginger Labs' Notability app allows for full synergy between the three functions. Trying to remember exactly what was said while you were scribbling notes? Simply tap a word and you'll hear the audio from that moment.

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All of your notes can be easily organized and shared, making Notability an excellent replacement for your old pen and paper. Full Review. Who says you need a TV to watch the big game? WatchESPN greets users with a Featured section that organizes sports highlights from the day in a streamlined, easy-read rotation.

Top 10 Best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps 2013

Underneath the featured section is a scrollable menu of games that are currently live, and you can also choose to browse by sport or channel as well. Spotify is a music junkie's dream, with more than 20 million songs that you can enjoy on the go on your iPad. The new Spotify Browse function makes it easy to find a playlist based on how you're feeling, and the app's seamless social integration is great for finding new artists from friends.