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  1. IOS 11 battery drain: Here's how to fix this iPhone issue
  2. Step 1: Disable Location and Background App Refresh for Facebook
  3. How to Test For iPhone battery drain
  4. iOS 11 killed my battery life. Here's how I finally revived it and you can, too
  5. Top 16 Tips to Save Battery on iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/SE and New iPhone XS (Max)/XR

They said it could be something inside the phone, but they could offer no repair options. What are your thoughts? Thank you! I will add that I repaired through iTunes and restored the phone as a new phone, plus i used your battery drain test above and it passed.

Did following any of the steps in this article help? No, none of the steps helped. It is frustrating because they said it has most of its battery life and there is no explanation of what is causing it. After erasing everything and adding less apps back in, there is still no improvement. Your post is so helpful, and i did the drain test and it passed. I wish I knew what to do next and will try anything!

2. Apps gone wild

What kind of email addresses are you using? Have you tried turning off Push for your email accounts? If it is a battery hardware failure and I get a new battery, will it fix it? If they are telling me that the battery is ok, will a new battery make a difference? I would definitely spend the money if it would help… Thanks again! Well, I just got a new battery, but the battery life is exactly the same with the same fast draining.

This all started immediately after I used a cheap car charger and I got a message about using a non-certified accessory.

IOS 11 battery drain: Here's how to fix this iPhone issue

I really believe it might be something else with the hardware causing this since I did all of the steps above which should have fixed any software issues AND wiped it clean twice , and I am still open to any repair suggestions you might have! Thanks for updating us with your post here Jennifer. Doing a Google search for that is how I ended up here. This is exactly what has happened to me. I have done all of the recommendations in this article, as well as replaced the battery; with no avail.

The only thing that consistently charges my phone is the USB to computer charge. Once uplugged, it dies within 3 hours of no power source, or use. I have checked the battery usage test and they both increase simultaneously, with the same increments of time. I have no push notification on, and have always had my app refresh turned off. What is gong on?

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Sometimes it stays on for awhile until I start using an app, then battery meter shows the percentage going down and then it shuts down. I click the power button a few times and it vibrates a couple of times and restarts. I put in my passcode and the home screen comes on then it shuts down again indicating it needs to be charged.

I have tried most all of the options above and still have very erratic battery behavior from time to time. I do not send audio messages nor use voice to text hardly ever. What could this mean? Is there some audio recorder going all the time that I do not know how to disable? I understand that I just updated to the new iOS and battery life because of that is not noteworthy. However, My battery issues have been long an issue.

It is just since the iOS update that I noticed the additional tag. Wow, that sound extremely strange. Thank you in advance for your reply! I run google maps nearly every day, because of my job, so I know. Same deal with Waze. Despite the propaganda, use Apple maps or best, use an offline navigator app if you can.

Apple maps uses far less data and less battery drain than Google Maps or Waze. After each upgrade, iOS runs through considerable housekeeping activities indexing, memory mapping, etc that users are left blissfully unaware of in terms of their actual occurrence or time spent occurring, and all of these actions require processor and memory access usage… in other words, battery drainers.

I just got iPhone SE yesterday. I charged it fully only app I have downloaded is Whatsapp , I have used my phone today for maximum 15 min. I have disabled background App Refresh for all the Apps. Some factory settings that are eating the battery? I did not have any battery problems until I got an iOS update a few weeks ago. None of my setting was ever changed regardless of how much power each one consumed.

Step 1: Disable Location and Background App Refresh for Facebook

There is another way of checking your battery, the device itself will only tell you how much percentage has been used by an app, but its also noteworthy, that the longer you own the device, the battery starts to perform less and less over time, and this is not shown on the device itself! But how can you check the total life spend of your battery? Well, there is an app out there, but its not for iOS, its for mac os, look it up on google, the app is called coconut battery, with this app, you can see how much the battery has degraded over time and how much life spend she really has!

Its a VERY useful tool that i use to monitor my battery over her whole life! Go get that app! And why i am sharing this? Thats mostly the cause of a battery that starts to behave very rare due to the fact that she is just dead. So i hope that this can help any of you caring for battery life.

From my rather limited knowledge of RAM and experience , I understand that the more apps there are in multitasking, the more random the refresh. So you never know what app is going to refresh and lose the comment you were trying to post, the photo you promised to return to, the article, the Amazon search results, etc.

Do away with the radical idea of saving battery at all costs and play with settings that actually matter to you. Take the time to know your phone, that will greatly help in knowing how to make use of articles like this one. It comes up saying time on screen around 1 minute and time in background as lik This article was so helpful.

Thank you for the info. I have a question I hope maybe you can shed some light on. Step 1, I found my problem. How do I fix this? There are no system app updates. Any help?

How to Test For iPhone battery drain

Please help me.. Good stuff! Recently switched to an iPhone from Note7 Really helpful man, keep up the good work!

What if my standby time increase by 6 and usage time increase by 4 only. Hi, I just wanted to point out that in iOS 10 the battery usage info was moved out of General. Thankyou, thankyou! My usage and standby times were exactly the same and my battery was only lasting hours! I followed your easy to understand steps, and I have learnt so much and my usage and standby times are now as they should be, cheers Scotty x.

Thank you so much for this article. I took my phone to a City Mac store and they ran battery diagnostics saying my battery was fine, yet I was losing battery at a crazy rate. So I found this article and turned off my email push and now my battery is doing a lot better. Thank you again.

iOS 11 killed my battery life. Here's how I finally revived it and you can, too

The info is great! But another battery eater is sites like this with gray on white color scheme that makes us turn up the brightness just to be able to read it. I realized my error: Safari is the culprit in my case, most battery usage. But I can not find anything telling me how to manage Safari. Is it possible to have something internal hardware that will draw power other than software and apps? I have an iPhone 6 that suddenly got a battery issue. With no use it will last about 6 hours. I have replaced the battery, reset the phone to new, and still have the issue.

When I restore the phone with my apps and settings and do the same thing it will be completely dead by the morning. I have this same issue. I have received 2 new phones from Apple to try to resolve the issue but I am still having the problem. If I use the phone or put my apps back on it is less. I am at the point of going back to an Android — this is my first iPhone and my experience has been less than stellar overall and now it just sucks. When i would run the suggested test, my usage time would rise by mins, which according to the article is too high. I covered all suggestions in the article to improve battery life, with no change in test results.

Hardware test at Apple Store concluded there was no issue with the phone itself. Hold down standby button until slide to power off appears. Then hold down home button until display returns to home screen. Do you have any experience with hacked or compromised iPhones causing a drastic battery drain? Do you know how I can tell if spyware, etc. R u fn seriois dude? I just updated to ios Before ios What a joke!! Im so sick of apple. My next phone im jumping ship to google. Apple truly went down the drain after Jobs passing.

Top 16 Tips to Save Battery on iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/SE and New iPhone XS (Max)/XR

It really is sad. At 10am when I awoke, then it was Turned Off. What the heck of a thing is going on? Indeed, after upgrade to Anyways, thanks much for the tips, the last thing I want to do is buy a new phone! Better to maximise the one I have. This tells you what to do but not how to do it. This assumes you know what is being described.

I need some help. I continue to have issues with YouTube. The app sucks battery, even though the iPad is in airplane mode. If you look at the screenshot you see how much it works in the background. Unless you are on the road, most people don't need it. Avoid extreme heat and cold. Don't drive with the phone baking in the sun on your car's dashboard. Unfortunately if you have an iPhone 5 or 5s the phones most in need of new batteries , you'll say "doesn't that stink?

That's because the battery replacement program is only for versions of the iPhone 6, 7, or 8. If you are still limping along an iPhone 5, it may just be time for a new phone. Bottom line: Follow John on Twitter JohnMatarese. For more consumer news and money saving advice, go to www. Click here for more WCPO. Contact John at jmatarese wcpo.

Have a problem? You can also adjust it yourself by swiping up on your phone and choosing your own brightness by moving the sun icon. Apple admitted in December that it had slowed down batteries on older iPhones for technical reasons but its latest iOS update has given users the ability to turn the feature off. This article originally appeared on Fox News and has been reproduced here with permission. Skip to: Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. Fox News May 15, 2: Video Image Calls for Apple to fix iPhone battery life 0: Using battery-burning apps You may have a battery hog on your hands.

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