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Name 5 compounds and elements in a mobile phone?

Elements In a Smartphone by Jiweon Kim on Prezi

What are the elements mixtures and compounds in a mobile phone? Gold, Copper, Silver, Nickel, lead, lithium and Titanium. What compounds are found in a mobile phone? The compounds found in a phone are plastic because its not an element, glass is also a compound. Who founded mobile phone? Martin Cooper invented the mobicular telephone.

Who founded the nokia mobile phone company?

Know What Chemical Elements Are Inside Your Smartphone? A Good Chunk of the Periodic Table

The first Nokia century began with Fredrik Idestam's paper mill on the banks of the Nokianvirta river. Between and What Elements Compounds or Mixtures are found in fresh water in clouds? Fresh water in clouds is pure H 2 O. As the rain falls, it will pick up some impurities from the air, but when it is still in the clouds, it is quite pure. Who found Mobile Phones? The person that invented the phone was Perry Long. In what year was Virgin Mobile Phones founded? Virgin Mobile was founded in The lithium in the positive electrode is ionised during charging of the battery, and moves into the layers of the graphite electrode.

During discharge, the ions move back to the positive electrode.


The battery itself is usually housed in an aluminium casing. A wide range of elements and compounds are used in the electronics of a phone. The chip, the processor of the phone, is made from pure silicon, which is then exposed to oxygen and heat in order to produce a film of silicon dioxide on its surface.

Parts of this silicon dioxide layer are then removed where current will be required to flow.

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Different types of semiconductor P or N are produced depending on the element used, with boron being the most common type of P-type dopant. The micro-electrical components and wiring in the phone are composed mainly of copper, gold, and silver. Tantalum is also used, being the main component of micro-capacitors.

A range of other elements, including platinum and palladium are also used, but detail on the specific applications of these was a little tricker to track down! Solder is used to join electrical components together — this was, in years past, usually composed of tin and lead, but in recent years lead-free alternatives have been sought, many of which use a combination of tin, silver and copper.

The microphone and speaker of the phone both contain magnets, which are usually neodymium-iron-boron alloys, though dysprosium and praseodymium are often also present in the alloy.

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These are also found in the vibration unit of the phone. The elements present in the phone casing will depend on whether the case is metal or plastic, or a mix of the two. Metal casings can be made of magnesium alloys, whilst plastic casings will, of course, be carbon based.

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So homo. Share to: Is hydrogen an element compound or mixture? Is plastic a mixture compound or element? No, it's none of those things.

Most people use the term "plastic" to refer to what a chemist would call a "polyme … r", which could be either a mixture or compound depending on which one specifically you're talking about. However, some things most people would not consider plastic, like starch and cellulose, are also polymers. Is iodine a element mixture or compound? Is Krypton an element compound or mixture? Krypton is an element.

Is dirt a element mixture or compound? Dirt is a mixture.

What's in your Smartphone?

Only what appears on the periodic table are elements, and as dirt is a combination of many things it has no single chemical composition so it is not a compo … und.