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  1. RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Verizon, Sprint): How to Tell if the Tour's for You
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The Bold would have to be one of the more higher end Blackberry devices you can get. Nice speeds and little to none freeze ups.

RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Verizon, Sprint): How to Tell if the Tour's for You

If you're looking for a business email phone this would be a very good choice. Emails are received very quickly - sometimes faster than on my computer. Battery life isn't too bad. I previously had the HTC Incredible and that battery barely lasted a day. My Bold lasts me well through a day if not through a second day. I would recommend a car charger for those on the go - check out the Motorola charge r with the blue logo.

I've had my phone for about 6 months now and have had no major problems with it. The Blackberry BOLD I needed a smartphone that was inexpensive, that could multitask and satisfy my needs for entertainmaint, communication and work on the go. The BOLD meets this expectation and more. Pros Bright beautiful display. Decent 3. Smooth Social Client integration.

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Fast reliable 3G data access. Media player- watch movies on those long bus rides. Email access is satisfactory!

Compared to other competing smartphones in terms of features the BOLD holds its own however in terms of performance and ease of use this RIM Blackberry device falls below the bar. However if you are an existing BB owner willing to look pass these small quirks then this is the upgrade for you. I am a huge Blackberry fan.

I have owned this phone more than once and also many other blackberry phones. I currently have an iphone, but I ordered this one because I miss my blackberry! The is great because it has plenty of memory for apps, can take a large micro SD card for storing other things such as pics and music, and the camera has a flash. Also, this phone can run BB OS6 which is great! Also the battery life is excellent compared to iphone and android phones. Only things I would change about this phone is maybe a little better camera but that is about it.

BlackBerry Tour - Wikipedia

It's nice that it has a physical keyboard too. When we hear the word Bold on the BlackBerry Market we think: This is not the case with BlackBerry Bold First, this device features BlackBerry Device Software 5. Sometime we can hear that this is the same as but this is not true, has only Mhz and has Mhz of CPU speed, so the wins!

Anyway, let's move to another apartment. Device Software 5. Don't do the error of upgrade to 6. Including some games for entertainment like Sudoku, Solitary, Texas Poker, WordMole and BrickBreaker you can spend hours of fun when you don't have nothing to do.

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However, there's one gaping whole in the Tour's total package: In fact, it's one of only a few new BlackBerrys that lacks the functionality, along with Pearl , another Verizon device. Verizon is notorious for offering full-featured devices without Wi-Fi and the Tour is no exception. I've mostly come to expect this from Verizon--shame on you, Big Red--but I'm not sure of Sprint's excuse.

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In this day and age, Wi-Fi should be available on all high-end devices, especially a BlackBerry smartphone. This lack of Wi-Fi support is a deal-breaker for me personally, and I refuse to even consider a Verizon or Sprint device without it. I live and work in an area with decent Verizon and Sprint coverage. As far as service-plan-fees, Sprint tends to offers more competitive prices, but you should investigate individual plans on your own. If you're looking for a cheaper BlackBerry options on Verizon or Sprint, the Curve and Pearl Verizon only could fit the bill. Bottom line: The BlackBerry Tour is without question the best option for BlackBerry users on Sprint or Verizon--at least if you want a top-of-the-line device with a physical keyboard.

Get better use out of your BlackBerry and keep up-to-date on the latest developments. Former CIO. Al also managed CIO.

Al resides in Boston and is a passionate reader, traveler, beer lover and Red Sox fan. Current Job Listings. Next, the device itself and some quick technical specifications from RIM: