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You wont' need the QR code to install the app, what with the awesome install process described above, but its useful for sharing the app with your friends. Of course, you can always link them directly to the app's page or its entry in the Market, if you open the link up on a phone and share it on Twitter with the built-in Tweet button.

Would You Pay $6,000 For Vision-Quality VR?

The search tool that Google's built in to the Market is actually pretty helpful. Every page of the Market has a small search box in the upper right-hand corner, which will auto-suggest apps as you search for them. When you hit Enter, it will take you to your search results, complete with an "advanced options" button that lets you filter items by price free or paid , sort by popularity, or even show items compatible with a specific device you own. The other thing Google's added to the Market is in-app purchasing. This means that you'll finally be able to buy things from within an Android app, whether it be buying extra levels for a game, buying books in an e-reader app, or upgrading to an app's "pro" version directly.

It's a pretty convenient feature, since before this, apps required you to go to your mobile browser or back to the Market to purchase these things. Now, you can do them from the app directly. We're pretty excited about the new Market and its features, but what do you guys think?

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Is the new Market a Godsend, or would you just rather use AppBrain or nothing at all? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. You can contact Whitson Gordon, the author of this post, at whitson lifehacker. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook. The A. Whitson Gordon. Sometimes, the second dialog box for buying apps won't show up. This happened in the Google presentation too, so we assume they are aware of it and will fix it soon. If this happens to you, just reload the page and try again.

When your order is complete, a notification on your phone will indicate the app is downloading and installing. For us, the download is starting almost instantly. If you have Background Data turned off, this will not work. You can also install apps with the small button next to the app icons in the featured pages, or search results. You may notice sometimes that your phone is grayed out in the installation popup.

This is a helpful reminder that the app in question is not compatible with your phone.

hyperlink - How to link to Android Market app - Stack Overflow

If you hover over your device in the dropdown, a box will appear with an explanation as to why you cannot install it. For example, some apps are carrier specific. If you search for Skype, you get the regular Skype, and you also get Skype mobile for Verizon. If your phone is not on Verizon, the reason given in the popup is "This item is not available on your carrier. It is much better than apps just not showing up.

Tested Google has really taken a big step in making the Android Market more usable. The layout of the site makes it easy to navigate, and the individual app pages provide all the information you should need. Just having this new web store will make it easier to share apps, but the Twitter integration with smart links makes it even better.

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  • There is no more surreptitious filtering of apps either, you can see everything along with the reason some apps don't work on your phone. The web-based Android Market is truly your one-stop-shop for Android apps. This post originally appeared on Tested. Get the latest Google stock price here. Ryan Whitwam , Tested. Buying And Installing Apps Tested So, if you've found an app you want to install, you just need to mash the button at the top of the app page. Mobile Smartphones. Previously only accessible by using an Android smartphone, you can now access the Android Market site through a web browser on other devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, netbooks or — as we saw today on the Honeycomb-fueled Motorola Xoom — tablet.

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    After accessing the site and signing in to your Google account, you can search the ,plus apps featured on the official Android Market, and make app purchases on your browser. After purchasing, apps will install directly to the specified smartphone device of your choosing via Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity. In other words, you still need an Android device to run the apps, but you can "push" them to your device, using a browser. Google also announced improved payment options as a supplement to the web-store launch.

    Credit card numbers and other personal payment information is stored in your individual Google account.

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    After choosing an app, you can make a payment using a one-click purchase system. Google is also giving developers more control on the backend.

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    In the developer console, Android app developers will now be able to set the price of an app in different currencies specifically supported by the Android Market.