My android phone touch screen wont work


  1. phone touch screen wont work
  2. Fixing the Android Touch Screen
  3. SOLVED: phone touch screen wont work - Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus - iFixit
  4. 10 Working Ways To Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen Issues of Android

Turn off your phone and wait for 10 seconds to restart it again. This procedure is also called power-cycle. It will remove any minor software bugs or hitches. In most case, this step will resolve the touchscreen issues.

  • Step 1: Check your device's screen!
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Just as we restart windows PC in safe mode, you can easily start your android device in safe made to counter most of the errors. When a device boots in a safe mode, it disables all the third party applications and only operating system and system applications run. So if in safe mode, the touchscreen problem vanishes, it means some application was causing this problem.

Unlock &ShutDown Your Phone When TouchScreen Not Working

Now you can delete the external apps one by one until the touchscreen issue is fixed. The above method will work for android phones with Jellybean 4. If the memory or RAM of android device is almost full, it is bound to give you touchscreen issues.

Part 2: Fixes For Touch Screen With Physical Damage

It will show you the average memory used besides some other stats. It will also display the total memory consumed by apps.

phone touch screen wont work

It will show all the apps and the memory used by respective apps. Those who do not want to free the memory space manually can install one of the memory cleaner apps from Google Play Store. There are many memory management apps available, both free and paid. Some of the best free apps are Clean Master and MobileGo.

Most of the applications are designed not to use GPU rendering which means that these apps do not use graphics processor or the hardware to enhance its on-screen visibility. It also enhances the UI transition which in turn makes the touch more responsive. There are multiple touch-points on a touchscreen. If the screen in behaving intermittently on different areas of the screen, then you should test the screen for faulty areas.

The easy way to test the touch points is to install a touchpoint tester app. Some of the apps include Multitouch tester and Screen touch test that work on all the android devices. If your android phone touch screen is behaving indifferently and the colors are also somewhat distorted, calibration is the best solution in that case. This is a free app that will make sure your touches are detected with improved accuracy and also improves the touch responsiveness. Then wait a minute and hold down the Power button once again to start the phone.

Thus, you can try to:. Malware or incompatible applications on your phone could affect the phone running as well. Hence, you can boot your phone into Safe mode to see if it runs well in this mode. If it does, you need to delete or uninstall the programs that you have installed on the device recently. Here, to enter the Safe mode on Android phone, you have 2 means:.

Then release the Power button when you see the brand logo of your phone.

Fixing the Android Touch Screen

But immediately, you need to press and hold the Volume Down button until you see a Safe mode indicator at the bottom left corner. Just long press the Power off option and you will gain a message asks you whether to reboot the device into Safe mode.

Just tap on OK. How to Turn off Android Safe Mode? No matter what kind of Android problems you meet, the most mighty and effective way to settle the issue is to factory reset the device.

SOLVED: phone touch screen wont work - Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus - iFixit

But meanwhile, it is also your last option since it would erase all the settings and data on your phone. Thus, before performing the resetting process, you'd better backup the wanted files on your Android phone in advance. Then you can:. Except for the software issue, the Android screen might become unresponsive due to physical damage. When the screen is crashed badly, the only solution to settle the problem is to use a new screen. But if it is just damaged slightly, you can try some free tips first. You can check whether the phone screen is available via a diagnostics test at first.

To inspect that, you need to:. Different Android models have different codes.

10 Working Ways To Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen Issues of Android

Another useful tip to fix the issue is to knock the touch screen. It sounds like a child's play but this means is tested by many users already. So you can try to knock on every corner of the touch screen gently for a few times. This would help to connect the digitizer cable to the device tightly.