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In testing for this review, everything worked smoothly.

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When it comes to identification performance, I have not yet found a track that Shazam could not identify. Shazam is supposed to be able to work very well with lots of background noise, although in the course of this review the nearest to this I was able to test was successfully identifying the background music to a fight scene in an action film Mortal Kombat if you must know.

Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01 Owners Get Shazam App

The user interface could do with a little polish adding to it, but it's perfectly functional as it is. I'd recommend everyone to have Shazam installed on their phone. It's one of those applications you may rarely use, but it's a fantastic tool to have on hand for the probably infrequent times you need it. In the grand scheme of things, the one off fee for Shazam is trivial. However, even if you don't wish to pay, 5 identifications a month is probably enough for those one-off in-a-pinch moments.

Reviewed by David Gilson at 8: Shazam on Qt Score: Starting Shazam presents you with three buttons; a list of your previous "tags" i. There is an option in the Shazam settings to identify ahem, I mean "tag" a track as soon as Shazam is loaded.

Shazam for Symbian - Download

While recording a sample, an animation plays to indicate progress. Once the fingerprint has been uploaded and checked on Shazam's servers, you will either see an error page if identification failed, or a page showing all of the track's information, the "Tag Details".

The Tag Details page is pretty blank. I would estimate the album art is a x icon. This is a shame, there's much more space to show something larger. Of interest here, however, are the four buttons at the bottom of the screen, for buy, for further information, for suggesting similar tracks, and finally for sharing tag details.

Next to the identification performance, being able to directly buy a track is perhaps the useful feature. If the user is not logged into Music Store, the search query becomes lost in the process of logging on. The next gripe is that for some reason Ovi Music insists on first launching a web page asking you to select Ovi Music, as if Symbian has more than one music shop! However, once you have jumped through the hoops, the Ovi Music search algorithm is pretty good and will find what you want based on data from Shazam.

News, reviews, information and apps for Nokia and Symbian.

Shazam offers information about and around the track from the second button mentioned above. The information menu offers a YouTube search based on the track, an album review, an artist biography, a discography, and tour information. Apart from the YouTube search, everything is displayed in plain text within the Shazam user interface. In order to answer your question, here is the information you are looking for on Shazam's paid services taken from their website:.


There are some small differences between Shazam and the paid version, Shazam Encore, most notably the music tagging limit. With Shazam, the user is given five free tags per day. This means that if a user tags five songs in one day, they can't tag any more until the start of the next day.

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However, on Shazam Encore, there is no tag limit, so the user is allowed to record as much as they like. Shazam is currently available in countries and 30 languages. Skip to main content. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site.

Shazam encore symbian

But the only problem is, I started following Ovi on Twitter and there most recent post was: Sorry I'm sounding like a n00b but I don't want it charging me for using the app. Chater Jordan. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 3.