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I can't be sure of this though.

If you have 1TO free Space, if your max battery recording for 1 hour, you don't recording more than 1 hour By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

What is max video recording length? Ask Question.

Michael Michael 1 4 I can't dig up the information. I am recording now. Joe Joe 3, 1 16 Yeah, sorry. I have 9. Doc Roms Doc Roms 3. Nokia is offering a choice of up to different preconfigured playlists for streaming over 3G or WiFi, separated out into categories like pop, rock, dance and classical.

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Each category has multiple playlists, so for instance under pop you have a choice of new releases, bestsellers, tracks from the last year and the like. We can see it being popular, however, especially if Nokia follows up on its promise to leverage country-level teams to put together their picks of interesting, local music. That would make it a good way to discover new music a regular radio station might never play.

On the downside, we experienced a few hiccups with streaming, and on occasion a track would restart from the beginning rather than resume playback. Audio quality from the bundled headphones is solid, though the earbuds themselves proved uncomfortable for some of the people that tested them out. Search for a destination and you get a list of results with icons to suggest what category they might fall under — a bed for a hotel, for instance — while tapping them shows a preview map of each result that can be side-swiped to flick between them.

The first time you use Nokia Drive, it prompts you to download a voice pack — there are options available for multiple languages, with some having both male and female choices — which is roughly MB. You can also choose to download maps on a country-by-country basis, meaning you can navigate without a data connection. Windows Phone lags behind iOS and Android in how many apps are available to download, but Nokia still believes users could benefit from some guidance through third-party software.

The biggest news from Samsung's Galaxy S10 event

Still, the company has built in an unusual suggestion feature: Windows Phone mandates a dedicated camera shortcut button, which can bypass the lock screen and take you straight to the camera app, and Nokia has opted for a useful two-stage control that can lock focus with a half-press and then fire off the frame when pushed all the way. That tweaks exposure and contrast to try to make a mediocre image better, and it generally does as well as any of these auto-correction apps can. Colors in the preview generally showed up richer, whereas in the resulting still — even if viewed on the phone itself — was more subdued.

Video, meanwhile, is recorded at up to p HD resolution and at 30fps. Generally performance is good, with little in the way of smearing during faster moving scenes, though there was some brief focus-hunting when dealing with closer subjects. Audio is recorded in stereo, thanks to the twin microphones. In-call quality has been solid, with both incoming and outgoing audio clear and easily heard.

What is max video recording length? - Windows Phone Stack Exchange

One issue we experienced on a few occasions was intermittent loss of signal, despite other phones using the same network being able to connect while side by side with the Lumia. Most of the time the phone would automatically reconnect once we tried to get online or make a call, but at least once we needed to power-cycle the Nokia to restore service.

Microsoft added support for internet sharing — turning your phone into a mobile hotspot, and sharing its 3G connection via WiFi — in Mango, but availability on specific devices depends on manufacturers, carriers, firmware version and WiFi chipsets. The feature was not present on our review Lumia , but the smartphone is due at least one firmware update prior to retail availability.

Nokia Lumia 800 Review - Performance and Verdict Review

Symbian smartphones always offered good battery life, and so we had high hopes for the Lumia tempered by the knowledge that Windows Phone could well spoil things. Nokia quotes up to 9. Sure enough, this is a charge-nightly handset. Comparisons to MeeGo and the N9 are obvious, but futile: