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  1. [Solved] Facebook and Facebook messenger for iOS
  2. How to install Facebook App on your old iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1
  3. How to install Facebook Messenger on iPhone 3G 4.2.1
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Step 4. Type cydia. You should then have iPhone under your Sources. Step 5. Press iPhoneCake Now here is the important part. You need to select the AppSync version for your iOS. Since my version is iOS 4. Step 6.

[Solved] Facebook and Facebook messenger for iOS

Select AppSync for OS 4. Once you select it properly it should have a green tick beside it. Step 7. Download iTools This is the tool that we will use to get the old version of the Facebook Messenger app on to your iPhone. Step 8. Extract the iTools Step 9. Run the iTools Step Once its installed it should look like the screen shot below. Extract the Facebook Messenger App file to your desktop. Go back into your iTools application click on application inside the iTools then simply drag and drop your Facebook Messenger App file that you extracted to your desktop.

This should load your older Facebook app back on to your iPhone. Simply click on it login with your Facebook user name and password and you are ready to go. Thanks so much…this is good…i have fb on my iphone 3g now. Hi sisey shaban I have not done one on Whatsapp just yet other than the Whatsapp installed on your PC.

Mainly because its a paid app but also because I have not been able to get it working. For some reason I cannot get the verification sms to talk with Whatsapp servers. You can see that video here. Cheers Matt. Worked a treat! Hi Alex Yeah I do the videos and the articles on the site. Actually I do everything haha. Cheers for your feedback!!! Hi Alex I think its a sign of the phones getting old.

Mine does it as well. If it cant pick up your wifi tho that seems weird to me. I would suggest logging onto your router and change your wifi signal settings. Thank you thank you thank yoou thank you. Hi Hamza The only suggestion I have is to do a backup of your data and then restore your iPhone back to factory settings and repeat the process. Otherwise you can try the Whited00r 6 firmware which has the Facebook in the App Market.

At any rate here are the videos to help you. Facebook install. OR Whited00r 6. I tried to step 7 but it has problem.

How to install Facebook App on your old iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1

Pls help to fix it. You can try this program its the same type of tool as iTools. Hi Melissa As far as I know it should work. Otherwise you could try updating your firmware? Apparently i cant seem to fina any normal way to install skype to iphone 4. Any advice? Hi Paul Did you Jailbreak the phone? If you did and then it is still not working I suggest that you do a: Yep, my iP is jailbroken already. Extremely well. HI Vishnu I have not been successful with getting Whatapp to work.

I can get it to install etc but then it asks to update. Hi Sarah It should do as the firmware is the same. Let me know how you go.

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Hi Matty Yes you should be able to download it here. Hi JB haha thanks for your kinds words. I will look into iBooks when I get a second. Hi Shashank No problem glad I could help out. I want whatsapp for my iphone 3G, ios 4. When i downloaded whats app 2. I was able to install but when i tried to open and start using this app.

It was asking phone no for registration. After i entered my phone no. It asking upgrade ur app to update. But latest app is not supporting for my ios 4. Pls help out from this prob and i want working whatsapp for iphone 3g ios 4. It did not work. Verification failed as the authority. HI gabrielle Sorry, just to be clear what stage are you up to? Hi putut Its works. You need to make sure the iPhone is jailbroken. The video you need is here. Make sure you do a back up restore first. Backup here. Restore here. Install Facebook after jailbreak here.

Facebook messenger install here. Install viber here. My iphone already jailbroken, I repeat it twice un install then install again but still didnt work. Hi putut j wibowo Do you get an error? Hi, thanks for this! Unfortunately I get a GVG error whatever that is? It then comes up with cydia. Did you install the app sync? I managed to get whatsapp 2. HI Joe Not really. I have tried: Yes, I selected the Appsync for 4. Everything worked perfectly, but the app keeps shutting down after I sign-in.


Thank you for help! I have a question did you have a app twitter?

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  5. Hi Paula Yes, take a look at this video here. Twitter iPhone 3G. What happens if itools say is it needs an update and then tries to update then an error comes up and closes itools? How else can i get facebook on my iphone 3g?? HI Lee You can try iFunbox. You can get that from the downloads section. Good luck.

    How to install Facebook Messenger on iPhone 3G 4.2.1

    Do you use Twitter? Hi there Yes find it here myIT Twitter. I got an iphone 3g 4. My doubt is can I use my iphone 3g to the itunes for which I have connected my I5. Will two Iphones works for an itunes on pc?


    Hi zaky Should work ok. You might want to test it with another PC first. I would put it in DFU mode then connect it. This will wipe the phone and restore the firmware fresh. At this stage you can set it up as a new iPhone. HI Arvin The best bet would be to reinstall the iPhone firmware and see if this fixes your wifi.

    Make sure you backup your data before doing this. HI jhe santos Unsure about this can you try ifunbox? I cant find the Iphonecake in the sources but only appcake only. I have an Iphone 3g 4. HI Tamir Make sure you have a wifi or internet connection on your phone? Good luck Matt.

    What should I do? Your best bet would be to try app sync 5. Good luck! Thank You for Your reply. In the end I just downloaded old messenger from App store. Need help. HI Cris I am not sure this works any more after the app sync for ios 4. Good luck, Matt.

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