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Q:Can you please give us a brief outline of the curriculum for the Chinese lessons?
A:Our lessons are very flexible, and students with a given level of Chinese fluency will be placed in the class that is specific to his/her abilities and needs. For example, our beginner course includes the study of Chinese pinyin (character romanization), basic sentence patterns, Chinese characters, and grammar. Students who have some pronunciation training and can speak in simple, daily conversation, will attend courses which teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with a focus on Chinese pinyin, daily conversation, improving listening skills, reading comprehension, and writing. Lessons may also be modified according to your requirements.

Q:Will all students be in the same Chinese class level?
A:Students will be given a placement test on the first day and will be placed in the appropriate level class. Students of different levels will not attend the same class.

Q:Some of our students have dietary restrictions or allergies. Can you please make sure that they can avoid these foods?
A:Sure we can. Please indicate their dietary restrictions in their registration forms and we will advise their families to avoid it.

Q:Do you provide accommodation for teachers accompanying the students?
A:Homestay is our only accommodation and the rate for each teacher or chaperone is US $30/day. The homestay includes a private bedroom, daily breakfast & dinner, computer and DSL service. If a hotel is preferred, we can help make arrangements or reservations; however, the expense is the responsibility of the teacher or group.

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