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Sachin On Fashion

How old do you have to be to carry a briefcase? I work in banking, am 29 (look 24), and think carrying a briefcase (as opposed to a messenger bag or laptop bag) would make me look like a class A dork. No one in my office, regardless of age, carries a briefcase. The only people I ever seen carry a briefcase are not favorable to your argument that such is a “fashionable” choice. Where does this briefcase favoritism come from?

, the briefcase has a lot going for it. For starters, it undeniably masculine.

The briefcase also happens to reflect a trend we identified for Fall 2010: power dressing. Carrying anything but with, say, a power suit, wouldn cut it aesthetically.

Tradition and fashion trends aside, the briefcase is simply a functional, durable product (heck, it been around since the 1800s). If you happen to cross paths with a vintage model from the 1950s, notice its quality. It lasted a lifetime and will last another.

This is where AskMen appreciation for comes from.

, there no absolute age guideline. Factoring in your profession, environment and readiness state are more telling. In your case, banking would seem fitting for a briefcase, and you seem, at least, somewhat interested in learning more. However, if you worried that carrying one will make you stand out in a negative way at work, the simple answer is don Then again,
cards against hummanity?, maybe it up to you to show them how to pull it off.

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Hi Sachin,

I a 20 year old guy who doesn have much of a fashion sense (especially on shoes). What kind of casual shoes do you think would be best for college/general outings,
cards against humanity game online? I not a huge fan of sneakers,
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I not a huge fan of sneakers as an umbrella shoe a shoe that will carry you through different occasions. Sneaker inspired shoes, however, are a good choice. Converse shoes,
cards agaist humanity, like the Chuck Taylor model, are classic, collegiate and cool especially the updated versions from its collaboration lines, like these from John Varvatos. You can wear them with dark wash jeans, a pocket V neck T shirt and an idiosyncratic necklace (the collegiate uniform). What cool about being 20 is that you could also wear these with a suit and not look like a total douche.

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Phil Picken to miss full season with knee injury,
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