The Dulcet Day

Yesterday–a wonderful day!

We made an appointment to meet Karen in our Lotus office,which really brought us happiness with her sunbeams. Together with her One-on-One tutoring teacher ,we scanned some wonderful pictures related to Hai Erbin, the hometown of the teacher. Maybe this was the way where they were quietly moving closer together. Undoubtedly, it was also a visual feast for us to appreciate such sightseeing, like ice engraving.

Gradually, other colleagues also went in for our conversation. We talked about some interesting & relaxed topics with this old lady who was full of  vitality and passion. Maybe more surprising, she and her friends went hiking around Michigan!We should bow to reality that they had already been over fifty years of age! We need to express admiration for these great giants.

Owing to Karen had a car accident few years ago, so there is a injury in her waist. Obviously, we need to pay more attention to her health. Actually, her host family also did this directly due to they were so zealous and considerate! Hope Karen and her homestay will have a nice time! Further more, I do hope that Karen’s enthusiasm will infulence more and more people in China , especially the old ones……