Maya’s Journal – Day 6

Today we couldn’t go sightseeing because of the smog. Instead, we went to the National Museum. It was downtown and indoors, so we wouldn’t get a lot of pollution in our system. Of course, we had to walk outdoors to get the subway (and back), so I held my scarf over my nose and mouth. I had to breathe really hard in order to get the oxygen I needed. But if I took off my scarf, I would start coughing like crazy, so it was a lose option.
The Museum was wonderful. It was so interesting to learn about Beijing’s dynasties and cultures. After the hour we got some food as the buffet down on the underground floor. After that we walked around and got some ice cream. I didn’t get enough air with my scarf, but like I said earlier, if I took it off I would get a lungful of smog. By the time we got home, I felt horribly dizzy, so I went to bed really early.

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