Countryside Exploring

This past weekend I ventured out on another fabulous hike with the Beijing Hikers Club. We hiked a loop through the Spring Valley, starting and ending at a small village called Sancha, where our gracious guide treated the lot of us to a delicious meal after our 12 kilometers trough the rolling valley.

The scenery was a sharp contrast to the beauty of my last hike – there was none of the lush, green trees along the hills and mountainside. Rather, the landscape was painted in varying shades of matted brown and muted green at best. Even so, however, the beauty of the hike was not one to be forgotten. The day was crisp and clear – cold by all standards, but it was a fantastic reprieve from the city air in Beijing. The valley was filled with rows upon rows of what was a vaguely lavender-smelling flower, and while late autumn had dried them all up, they still tossed around their smell in the afternoon air, making the valley even more fragrant.

An outdoor enthusiast back home, I love the chance to get out of the city. Beijing is full of culture and excitement so that there is never a boring moment, but I miss the chance to get outside. The countryside of China is beautiful, and so it’s an excuse to get out and do some exploring!


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