Yaxiu Market

Following the BLCU placement test, which for me was mostly an hour or so of mind blanks and desperate attempts to remember characters I had learned the night before, my friend and I decided to take a trip to the Yaxiu market. Having read about it on various blogging sites, I expected the worst, and so was prepared to be hassled, grabbed and screamed at.

In actual fact, when I got there, I was surprised at how pleasant the shopkeepers all were, and found that rather than shout and grab, they all asked politely if I was interested in whatever it was they had to sell.

I eventually approached one of the shoe sellers and prepared to bargain hard. Fifteen minutes later I left with a pair of trainers and a pair of football boots feeling pretty pleased with myself. It was not until I got home and tried them on in my room that I realised that neither actually fitted, as I had managed to buy one pair too small and another too large. It seemed that when I had tried them on in the market I was too concerned with working out how best to haggle, rather than whether or not the shoes were the right size. This meant that after a furious sparring match of quoting prices at each other, and my triumphant feeling as I left the stall, I had to crawl back and sheepishly explain that I needed to exchange both pairs. A rather embarrassing experience to stay the least…

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