Notice of Master Lin’s speech in America from Sep.8th to Sep.14th 2011

Master Lin, Hsien-Tsung, invited by Lotus Educational Foundation, will give a lecture tour in San Francisco Bay area of America from Sep.8th .2011 to Sep.14th 2011.For many years, Master Lin Hsien-Tsung has been devoted to solving the mind of human being itself. He has traveled all over the world and studied this aspect from a broader field. At last, he saw a light after studying Buddhism for decades. So far, he has made great achievements in his career ,including:1. Communication with Mind《與靈溝通》2. Listen to the Voice of a Little Soul《傾聽小心靈的心聲》3. Amaquarius《水悅星》etc.

Note:If you are intersted in it, please have a conference for the detailed information on this website:


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