Day 28: Shopping

Today students went shopping. I, unfortunately, could not join them because I had to return home to go shopping with my host family. However, I know that the Maret students went to the Silk Market which I’ve been to, so I can give you an idea of what it’s like.

When you go in the building, you see lots of cubicles all filled with different kinds of merchandise (from t-shirts, to suits, to knick-knacks) depending on which floor you are on. If you are a foreigner, sellers call to you from all over the store. They call you their friend and then proceed to offer you a very outrageous price. As all of the Maret students are pros at bargaining now, this poses no problem. Many of the students have already been to this market, so some may decide to go to Wangfujing (another market very close by with much better quality goods). I’m sure they will get some great souvenirs.

Tomorrow, after the students take their luggage to Lotus, they will take their exams and then, as a last hurrah, make dumplings or ‘bao jiaozi!’ After a delicious lunch we will head to the airport and back to home.

This is my last post. I hope that you have enjoyed what I have written, and I’m sure you’re as ready to see your kids as they are ready to see you. I’m sure they will have lots of stories to tell you about the amazing places they have to been, and about the many experiences they’ve had.

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