Day 22: Beijing Opera

Today, at Kelsey’s suggestion, we went to see the Beijing Opera. Everyone met at the QianMen Hotel at around 6:55pm and then went up the stairs to our seats.

This particular performance did not show one whole opera but segments from two different operas. I do not remember the names, but the first was about a noble lady trying to catch her love (a nobleman) who took a boat down the river. The whole scene involved her interacting with a boatman who, after playing some jokes on the noble lady, finally takes her to find the nobleman down the river.

The second was a scene from an opera about the Monkey King. This is a very famous story which I have just been informed about, but basically the Monkey king is a very kooky, mischievous but powerful being that escaped from the prison where Buddha in heaven was holding him. Buddha sends his servants out to try and capture the Monkey king only for them to be dominated by the Monkey King’s complete and utter awesomeness. They did flips and crazy tricks I can’t even begin to explain. In addition to the action, there was lots of great humor too.

I think that Ms. Cohan was worried people weren’t going to like it but, from what I heard, everyone enjoyed parts if not the whole thing. This might not have been the case if we had to watch a whole opera but changing the plot and shortened duration of the show kept the audience interested.

After that people either went home or out to grab a bite.

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