Day 10: Capital Museum

The Rain cleared up the Beijing sky to an almost pure blue. I have to say there were some mountains outside the Lotus office window that I didn’t know existed.

Many students decided to take the day off and go together to do some shopping and hanging out at one of their host families homes. I went with the group to the Capital

Museum. Every floor displayed countless pieces of priceless artifacts made of Jade, Gold, Bronze and pottery. As Buddhism was very prominent in early China, there were many statues of different Buddhas. On one of the top floors there was a display of “Jingzhu”, or the Beijing Opera. The costumes are some of the most beautiful clothes I’ve ever seen.

On our way back, Evan, two other Lotus students and I decided to take a taxi just for the heck of it. I thought it was kind of funny how comfortable Evan was with giving the taxi driver directions. The Lotus address just rolled off his tongue. Nice job Evan.

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