Visit Livia

Last Saturday, Paul、Holly、an old classmate of Livia and I all headed out to the outside area of the North fifth Ring road where Livia is living now.

About ten days earlier, Livia had a traffic accident, when she went back home late in the night after working overtime, her bike was hit by a car. Fortunately her injuries were not very severe, however she still cannot walk by herself yet. Her wonderful boyfriend carries her on back whenever she needed to move around.

This is the second time for the Lotus staff to visit her, but for me it is both the first time to visit Livia’s living place and the far-north area of Beijing. When we finally arrived the 紫金新干线小区,after travelling by foot, two subway lines, a taxi ride, and then further on foot, I felt like I had already reached the end of the earth. It’s hard to imagine how long it would take to travel back and forth every weekday.

Anyway, living around here, the rent is lower, apartments are bigger, and air is cleaner. Also, the price of vegetables and watermelon and so on are all much cheaper. I was very happy and bought a pile of stuff right after I got off the subway. There were a lot of 小摊 along the road.

Then we knocked the door with our vegetables、watermelon and our starving belly, the next 4 hours we all worked hard making a whole table of food and then we worked hard to eat it up. LOL~

Hope Livia will get better soon!祝你早日康复!

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