Calligraphy Lesson for Lotus Students

In December, Lotus organized a Chinese calligraphy class for students currently living and studying in Beijing. There aren’t many students during the winter so those of us who attended got lots of personal attention from the teacher. There was a student from Australia, the US and myself, from Canada. One of Lotus’ Beijing staff also joined us for part of the lesson. Quite a good representation!

The character we worked on was “heart” (心). Ms. Jin, our teacher, explained that we start with this seemingly simple character because its simplicity helps the student learn the balance that is required in Chinese calligraphy.  Ms. Jin, with her dry sense of humour, encouraged us to strive to make our calligraphy beautiful. As you can see from the photo below of my own calligraphy, I didn’t quite achieve the goal!

This calligraphy lesson was a great opportunity for me. One of the reasons I chose to learn Chinese is because of the writing system. Both because of its linguistic uniqueness and because of the beauty of written Chinese.

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