Maya’s journal – The First Day

I woke up at about 4:00 to start finishing my packing, eat breakfast and drive to the airport. We had mashed potato pancakes for breakfast and to me, they were to die for. After breakfast, we took time to check my suitcase and backpack and see if I had everything. We left at about 5:00 to San Francisco (the airport), I said Goodbye to everyone as my grandma and I got in the car. When we reached the airport, the last goodbye was said to my father. I left my eyes welling up, but I forced the tears down and smiled.
When we were in the plane to Vancouver (we had to stop there first), I drew, slept, and watched movies till we reached Canada. When we got out of the plane I looked to the side and we met some 8th graders going to Beijing as well. They were on a field trip. The ones I made friends with were named Tammi and Tammy. We talked, drew, and sat together while we were waiting to board the airplane to China. It was a long and tiresome 12-hour flight, and I was bored out of my mind.
During the flight, I watched 5 movies, drew 6 pictures (some at Tammi’s aisle), and failed to sleep during the flight expect at the very end. I slept like a rock at the last 4 hours. When we reached Beijing, I said goodbye again to Tammi and Tommy, got our luggage, and followed a lady named Alice to get a taxi and go to the place we stayed. At the home, we ate dinner and went to sleep.