Maya’s Journal – Day 11

Today, we got tutored again, and met a man from Kansas named Douglas. He has 3 adopted daughters and used to work at Migrant School. As well, we talked a little bit, then grandma and I went upstairs for lunch, Then we picked up Douglas and went to school.
My favorite student is Henry. His English is amazing and he is very funny. His type is super rare. He is funny, but he is not disruptive and very enthusiastic. Doug wasn’t teaching. He was speaking with his director.
We were pooped again, so as I said before, we ate dinner and went to bed.

Maya’s Journal – Day 10

Yesterday, we actually went to Summer Palace. We just ate our breakfast and got on the bus. It was beautiful, hence, It was such a clear and wonderful day. The lake was all icy, so it was also very cold.
Next we went to the zoo. We saw 3 pandas, 2 slow lories, 3 lions, and 2 tigers. After all of that my stomach was screaming at me to eat, so we went to a nearby KFC. Eating meat again felt wonderful, I ate 5 pieces of chicken and grandma ate 1.

Maya’s Journal – Day 9

I got up in the morning and went directly from my bed to the tank full of Julie’s husband owned. He left me feed the fish and told me I could pet them. And I pet a fish.
Julie took us to the mall where there was this place called EE city. It was a kid cormucopice and I have to admit, I love the place. Kids have complete control of the whole place. I even designed my own shirt that we bought afterwards.
We planned to see the pandas at the zoo, but we ran out of time, so we couldn’t. Julie sent us back home and we ate and went to bed.

Maya’s Journal – Day 7

Today we left early for a Chinese tutor that my grandmother hired to learn Chinese. She taught us for two hours, but then 30 minutes was taught because we lost track of time. We hurried back home for lunch, and then left for our bus to the school to teach again.
The students said I’m very good at singing and drawing, so we sung “Yankee Doodle” in class and drew together. The girls in the front and middle seats are so nice and generous to me; they gave me another jellish thingy and two girls made me a paper crane. Grandma and I were completely pooped. All we did at the end was to eat dinner and go to bed.

Maya’s Journal – Day 6

Today we couldn’t go sightseeing because of the smog. Instead, we went to the National Museum. It was downtown and indoors, so we wouldn’t get a lot of pollution in our system. Of course, we had to walk outdoors to get the subway (and back), so I held my scarf over my nose and mouth. I had to breathe really hard in order to get the oxygen I needed. But if I took off my scarf, I would start coughing like crazy, so it was a lose option.
The Museum was wonderful. It was so interesting to learn about Beijing’s dynasties and cultures. After the hour we got some food as the buffet down on the underground floor. After that we walked around and got some ice cream. I didn’t get enough air with my scarf, but like I said earlier, if I took it off I would get a lungful of smog. By the time we got home, I felt horribly dizzy, so I went to bed really early.

Maya’s Journal – Day 5

Today we got a breakfast of soymilk and sweet potatoes. We also got ready for our first day of teaching.
At the school, there were lots of troublemakers at the back. I had to stand on a school to be heard, but every time I felt off some sniggled. The teaching day was quite successful, actually, I already had some fans, two girls in the middle seats gave me a pen and a blubbery toy.
When we got home we planned to go to a sightseeing place. Once again, I fell asleep in the middle of dinner.

Maya’s Journal – Day 4

Not much happened today. We visited the school where me and my grandma were teaching. There were so many kids.
I also got a burned because I stuck my elbow in some scorching hot soup. I got all scratched up from Shengdao. He was super excited today.
One more thing, I fell asleep at the middle of dinner again.

Maya’s Journal – Day 3

This morning I got up very early, I went into Lisa’s room and played with shegndao for a little until everyone got up. We had another breakfast of soymilk and something else.
Lisa’s nephew came here and brought his cat. Me, shengdao and Amy spent an hour chasing the poor kitty. Eventually, me and shengdao caught it, but it was scared half-to-death, so it slapped us and ran off into the bathroom, shengdao started to cry.
For dinner, my best friend Sharon’s parents brought us out to eat at this amazing place and the food was amazing and the performance were amazing. I would like to go this place again.

Maya’s Journal – The Second Day

I woke up to a meal of veggie pancakes and homemade soymilk that the housekeeper made, I finished everything went to contact my mom, dad, and my brothers. I got to talk to them, and I was quite satisfied .
We had some visitors, I drew a few pictures, and today was also the day that I got this journal. I have no idea why the front said “toilet” but I thought it was funny so we got this notebook.
There is two kids here(me not included) named Amy and shengdao. Shengdao is 4 and Amy is 10. We play a lot, staying here makes me so happy and at peace. It’s so friendly here and I felt right at home. All my worries left me immediately.