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Donate to Lotus

Lotus Educational Foundation is a strong advocate and facilitator of philanthropic activities in Beijing. We embrace humanitarianism through Chinese learning programs, charity activities, promoting cultural awareness, and environmental consciousness. Your donation primarily goes towards developing Lotus' volunteer capacity within China by providing direct support to volunteers including room and board.

Lotus is a US 501 (c)3 NPO(Not-for-Profit) with 5 paid full-time staff and 30+ volunteers. The majority of funding comes from the fee collected from students who participate in Lotus' "Learn Chinese with Homestay" language program, but donations are vital to developing philanthropic activities outside of our academic initiatives. These include providing students with opportunities to volunteer and engage in social activism. All donations are tax deductible, and are secured through Google Donations. To donate, enter an amount and click "donate" below and follow the onscreen instructions on Google Checkout, or you can contact us directly. Thank you for your support.


Our volunteer initiatives include the Yixing Senior Center, the Xingwang School for Migrants in Beijing, and the Xieqing Tibetan Orphan School in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan. If you would like to support a single one of these organizations, please notify us with your donation. We provide limited direct monetary donations to these organizations, as the majority of our resources go towards supporting volunteers in their charity work.

Besides supporting volunteers, we also provide necessary equipment and resources. Lotus donates much needed school supplies and education material to the Xingwang School for Migrants and the Xieqing Orphan school. Even daily necessities such as cleaning materials, book shelves, desks, and even toilet paper are in short supply.

We at Lotus believe that volunteering and donations are highly beneficial, both to those who volunteer and the beneficiaries of their help. Through exchange, everyone builds a trusting, knowledgeable relationship that helps on the path towards a more understanding global community. We are deeply grateful for your support.

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